Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions


Our capacity is from 20 to 200 guests.


Facility Rental Time

-8 hours total = 1 hr for rehearsal, 2 hrs for set up, 4 hrs for ceremony & receptions, 1 hr for clean and pack up.
-Saturday morning receptions have a 3 hr ceremony & receptions.
-Additional time may be purchased for $500 an hour for your even.


Viewing Times

-VOSH is shown by appointment on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. Other days and time are available upon request.


Included in Price

-VOSH DJ for event and rehearsal. Our DJ, Anthony Fernandez, has over 18 years experience and can be contacted through his website by clicking here.
-All the tables and chairs that you would need for your event both inside and outside
-Commercial Margarita machine
-Fire Logs for stone tables
-A/V System w/ screen
-Wi-Fi wireless Internet throughout VOSH
-Bubble machines for Grand Departure
-Multi-colored LED lighting both indoors and outdoors
-Choice of colored garden lantern balls for Courtyard
-Complete sound system w/ wireless microphones providing sound throughout venue

-Lights, fountains, and statues providing the perfect romantic glow and elegance for your event
-Then we also include:

10 –  60" Round Tables Assorted Lounge Seating throughout Dance Floor
20 – 48” Round Tables 6 – 32” Round Iron Tables w/ chairs
4 – 6’ Rectangle Tables 7 – 52” Round Iron Outdoor Tables w/ chairs
2 – 8’ Rectangle Tables 6 – 24” Square Iron Outdoor tables w/ chairs
1 – 4’ Rectangle Table 6 – Fire and water tables w/ chairs
1 – 36” Round Table 3 – Round Stone Outdoor Tables w/ benches


 *Linens are not included in the rental of the venue*


Culinary Services*

-Austin Catering
-Catering by Rosemary/RK Group
-Clay Pit
-County Line
-Crave Catering
-Pascal’s Catering
-Word of Mouth Catering

*Please note that these companies are not included in the rental price of the facility.



-Saturdays are $7,000
-Fridays are $6,000
-Saturday mornings ending at 1pm & Sundays are $5,000
-Weekdays are $4,000
-All Sundays before Federal Holidays are $7,000

**Please note that our pricing includes everything listed on this page and is not subject to additional taxation.


Pricing Allocation

-There is a $1,000 deposit at the signing of the event. This deposit is placed in an Escrow account that will be refunded after event or used for damages and/or can be used for additional time at renter’s request. 60 days from the signing, half or your event price is due. Then, 90 days from your event date, the remaining half of your event price needs to be received by VOSH. If there is a request to cancel the event, all payments received will be kept by VOSH, including the $1,000 initial deposit.