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With spring, comes the changing of the red berries to gorgeous white flowers on the Nandina plants. The Native Iris begins to arrive along with various other treasures. The rest of the Oak trees grow back and blanket the Vista with even more greenery and welcoming shade. Various Snapdragons can also be observed in the flower beds that add striking sparks of color. Additionally, Jasmine, Red Bud Trees, and White Baby’s Breath pour through the garden and match the style of any event. During these beautiful, cool months, the transition of the seasons makes for an unforgettable event that is sure to be welcomed by all.

Summer time at the Vista on Seward Hill has more of a tropical feel with its many ponds, streams and waterfalls. The recent addition of LED lighting throughout the venue allows for a spice of color that can be custom tailored depending on your desire (available all year long). The Vista is also located on one of the tallest hills of Austin and allows for a consistent breeze that lowers the temperature approximately five degrees. Yellow and Pink Salvia, matched with Purple Verbena surround the courtyard with beautiful blossoms. Hot Pink roses and Mexican Heather continue to add small splashes of color to the Texas Summer.

As the feel of fall ends the year, all is still green and will continue through to the beginning of the New Year. Geraniums, various roses, Mexican Heather and Marigolds keep color alive. Along with a perfectly manicured lawn, LED lighting and colored lanterns, the Vista is never lacking in beauty…or color!

During the Month of December, the Vista is professionally decorated by Michael Akila and Floral Renaissance. All fireplace mantels, guest tables, bar area, ceilings, and fire tables are garlanded and ornamented to complete the Holiday spirit. If changes are needed or desired, the Vista will gladly accommodate your wishes, but additional charges may be applied.